AFMEM imports Bitumen from Italy

Africa Membranes (AFMEM) is a South African based company that has been in existence for more than a decade. AFMEM started out by waterproofing dams, but then changed its focus to become an importer and distributor of the high quality SCUDO range of torch-on modified bitumen waterproofing membranes sourced from Italiana Membrane, based in Italy.

The dedicated AFMEM team, with profound professional and industrial business experience, and international exposure, can assist you with technical support, design specifications and excellent service delivery. With the warehouses in Cape Town and future expansions in Johannesburg, AFMEM can supply your needs waterproofing needs throughout South Africa.

For what kind of clients do you import and keep stock?
  • Architects that needs Tender Specification
  • Contractors
  • DIY customers
  • Engineers
What is your turnaround time?

Afmem imports containers on a regular basis from Italy and keeps stock of the standard rolls and consumables in their warehouse in Blackheath. Depending on the time and size of your order we can supply you from here on a same day basis, or at least within 24 hours in the Cape Peninsula area.

Special materials and full container loads have to be manufactured on order in Italy and this takes between 6 and 8 weeks.

Do you offer technical support?

We have a professional civil engineer and an experienced waterproofing contractor available to assist you with any problem, from design to application. We are available to come to your office or site and assist you in finding practical solutions for your problem. We are just a phone call away.

How to place an order

1. Select the products from our store

Wide range of torch-able Bitumen Membranes and Accessories

2. Make the payment upon receipt of invoice

Bank details:  Investec  •  123456789    Cape Town   •  245-001

3. We deliver

We will deliver the order to your specified location.

Bitumen Manufacturing

  • ƒBPE: elastomeric membranes are obtained from distilled bitumen- modified with elastomeric resins (SBS).
  • ƒBPE/BPP: waterproofing membranes multilayer self-adhesives based on bitumen modified with Plastomers (BPP-top surface) and elastomers (SBS – bottom surface) and special polymers tackifiers.
  • BPP: plastomeric membranes are obtained from distilled bitumen modified with plastomeric resins (APP).
  • POE: waterproofing membranes with the compound made of distilled bitumen and elastomeric poly- olefines (POE).
  • Special membranes – vapour barriers, radon barriers, etc.



Exceeding our client’s expectations is one of our strategies to obtain repeat business.