We provide waterproofing solutions:

World class products, tailored for the South African end user.



Specializing in the importing and distribution of waterproofing membranes and specialized bitumen for all residential, commercial and industrial applications.



With warehouses in Cape Town and future expansions in Johannesburg, Africa Membranes AFMEM can supply your needs waterproofing need throughout South Africa or neighbouring countries.



AFMEM provides a wide range of torch-able and self-adhesive Bitumen Membranes, designed to fulfill most construction applications for different building types in South Africa.



We believe in exceeding our client’s expectations. This is one of our strategies to obtain repeat business. Our Guarantee is watertight. We are looking forward to meet your need.

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Africa Membranes (AFMEM) is a South African based company that has been in existence for more than a decade. AFMEM started out by waterproofing dams, but then changed its focus to become an importer and distributor of the high quality SCUDO range of torch-on modified bitumen waterproofing membranes sourced from Italiana Membrane, based in Italy.

The dedicated AFMEM team, with profound professional and industrial business experience, and international exposure, can assist you with technical support, design specifications and excellent service delivery. With the warehouses in Cape Town and future expansions in Johannesburg, AFMEM can supply your needs waterproofing needs throughout South Africa.

Dirk Streicher

Dirk Streicher


Dirk is the founder of AFMEM. As a professional civil engineer, he has extensive experience in major civil constructions, such as roads, bridges and buildings. He understands the needs of both the contractor as well as the end-user.

Theo Marais

Theo Marais

Executive Manager

Theo studied physics and chemistry and has spent many years in the corporate environment in manufacturing and logistics management. He is passionate about customer service and will see to it that you get the right product, on time.

Julius du Plessis

Julius du Plessis

Technical Support

Julius has a marketing background which he successfully applied as a waterproofing contractor. With 15 years of hands-on waterproofing experience, he supplies the technical support to our customers.


Italiana Membrane was founded in 1988 and has an extensive range of waterproofing materials. Their holding company, Techno Nicol, is a multi-billion Euro company specializing in roofing solutions. Big investments in R&D ensure that they remain at the forefront of new developments in structural waterproofing and AFMEM is a beneficiary of that knowledgebase, as well as supplying their materials.

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The key to the success lies in the high quality research and control before and during production. Careful control of raw materials used, (asphalt, polymers, reinforcements etc.) the finished product is constantly tested for cold flexibility mechanical behavior, etc. Even after thermal aging. Membranes are manufactured in compliance with the strictest standard products. It has been awarded by the highest institutions of certification.


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